The Best motion detection APP that uses the camera, or the Proximity sensor, or the Gyroscope sensor of any Android Phone or Tablet !

Detector is an Android application that turns any Android phone or tablet into a complete portable surveillance device, with motion detection alarm, photo notifications by email, SMS alerts and even phone call alerts.

With this APP you can protect and remotely surveil your home, your office, your warehouse, closet, the interior of a parked vehicle, or any property you wish to be notified of, as soon as an unauthorized person enters to that property.

As soon as you install our application, you will be able to protect any of your properties or vehicles by using any Android phone or tablet without having to spend on expensive surveillance equipment. This application works even with simple and cheap Android phones!

Another functionality of the APP is to warn you with a doorbell tone, about the people who enter a business, so you can be aware if someone is entering to your business or home.

You could place your Android device behind a window, (visible or hidden), or hanging on a wall with or without a charger. (The consumption of electricity would be minimal, as a cell phone consumes only 5 volts, compared to any surveillance equipment.)

If you do not want to use your device's camera, you could also use the proximity sensor or the motion sensor of your tablet or phone and place your device over a table, or on the passenger seat of a vehicle and select the front camera or the rear camera to capture photos when detecting a movement and being notified by Email with attached photos or by SMS or through a call from that cellphone, if any person is detected.

Regarding the security of the APP, the application would be protected with a secure administrator password that only you would know, so there would be no problem if someone steals that phone or tablet, because the photos taken would only be in your email, as the photos captured by your device are sent to your email address in real time and are not recorded on that device or anywhere else, with this feature, you have the guarantee of using a very secure APP, compared to any other online surveillance solution.

The APP can be used anywhere in the world, with Wi-Fi internet connection or data plan (to receive photos by email) or even without Internet (with SMS alert mode) and even without Internet and no Call or SMS functionality (in Alarm mode or Ring mode) and can be downloaded for free and installed immediately on your device, with the download link located at the end of this page; After installing this APP, you can also activate a FREE TRIAL period at no cost, directly from the menu of the application in order to Try all the srveillance modes of the APP, on any Android phone or Android tablet.


In order to install this APP for free on your Android phone or tablet, you must follow the following steps:

STEP 1: First, you must enter the Settings menu of the tablet or phone where you want to install the APP.

STEP 2: Then in the Personal section of "Lock and Security" or "Privacy Settings" you must check the option of "Allow APPS of Unknown Origins"
(This step is necessary because the installation of this APP is not done through Playstore, however our APP is completely safe, after installing this APP you can again disable the "Allow APPS of Unknown Origins" option on your device)

STEP 3: Then, from the web browser of your phone or tablet, you must open this web page: (using the browser of your cell phone or tablet) and then click below, on the button that says: [DOWNLOAD] and then you must install the downloaded file (usually, you will see the APK downloaded file on your tablet or cell phone, in the notifications section, by sliding your finger from the top of your screen towards the center of the screen).

STEP 4: Finally, you must open this APP on your phone or tablet, and then you will only have to activate your Free Trial. To activate your Free Trial Period, you must open the main menu and select the option that says: PREMIUM LICENSE and then select below the option that says FREE TRIAL, then the APP will generate a Free Trial License code for you, to try all the Premium Features of the APP, such as: Alarm Mode, Doorbell Mode, Alerts by Email, by SMS and even with phone call alerts. (at the expiration of your trial period, you could without any commitment, confirm inside the APP, if you wish to continue using the APP by acquiring a Premium License for a longer time, otherwise, you can continue using the APP without any cost, in Free Basic Mode)

Free Surveillance and Motion Detector APP